Your new African Pygmy Hedgehog will need quite a few items to make him or her feel at home


Full Cage Setup

$125 Local Pickup Only Must be paid in full 14 days prior to your baby's ready date (If needed sooner call to discuss
*In rare instances we might be able to  send a setup on transport to check on space/availability

Our full Cage setup kit includes: 
105 qt Bin Cage with a mesh wire locking lid
food bowl and water bottle 
hideout hut
1.5 lbs of Coastal Quills Premium Hedgehog Diet
(Available for reorder with shipping)
75 ct live meal worms
Bucket Wheel
Bonding Pouch 
Sensory Toy ( fleece pom pom, rubber ducky, or ball)


Heat Setups

Hedgehogs must be housed at 74 to 78 degrees. We keep our hogs at 78 degrees at all times. 

Everything You need for your new hedgehog's heating $75 

Shipping is Available within the US for an additional fee.



ELECTECK Thermostat Digital Controller

A thermostat senses and regulates your hedgehog's enclosure's  temperature. Thermostats ensure that once it's too hot or too cold the heating lamp and bulb will come on as needed and turn off as needed to prevent overheating. It is very unsafe to operate a heating setup without a thermostat , so we highly encourage them for all of our new homes.


CHE Bulb

150 Watt CHE bulb

These bulbs emit heat and not any light. Red lights ( for Poultry) and basking lights (for Reptiles) can damage hedgehog's eyesight and confuse day/night schedules, so we do not recommend them. I recommend 2 bulbs at a time because it's good to have a backup bulb on hand

dimmer lamp .jpg

Heat Lamp

Flukers 8.5 inch ceramic rated dome with clamp and dimmer switch

Your lamp has to have a ceramic socket or the socket can melt and start a fire. I recomend the lamp with the dimmer and not the switch because in the event of a thermostat malfunction, you can adjust the dimmer so to regulate the temperature more safely.