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Adopting a Hedgehog: What's Included?
Whether you're adopting a baby hedgehog or an adult one, we want to ensure that you have everything you need. Our baby hedgehog adoption package comes with a variety of guarantees and benefits, including a care and info sheet, Coastal Quills birth certificate, and lifelong breeder support. Additionally, we offer a health guarantee, a six-month congenital defect guarantee, and a lifetime WHS guarantee to give you peace of mind.

For adult hedgehog or owner surrender adoptions, we provide a paper copy care and info sheet, an adoption contract, a small bag of starter food, and lifelong support.

Optional Supplies:

Our starter cage kit is priced at $150, which includes all the necessary items for your hedgehog. To guarantee availability, full payment is required. Click here!

For handcrafted small pet items, Click here!

For hedgehog food, click here!

*Transport / Pickup Options:**

Nationwide Transport is available at a cost of $200.

Local Pickup is free within the city limits of Karnes City, Texas




Born 6/10/24

Ready: 7/29/24

HLR: #20401

Dark Grey eyeliner w/ eye smudge and odd ear

Adoption Fee: $350

Joichiro X Malia.png

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

To get exclusive sneak peeks of our newest babies, join our waiting list. The babies we post on this page are always posted after our VIP's make their selections. These babies will be ready to leave August 22nd, 2024.

Availability Updated: 7/18/2024

Available Hedgehogs: Available babies
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