Available Hedgehogs

Here is what is included with our baby hedgehog adoptions: 

A paper copy Care and Info Sheet with your selected baby’s details

Small bag of starter food

A signed contract by both buyer and breeder 

Health guarantee

Six Month Congenital Defect Guarantee

Lifetime Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome Guarantee

Lifelong Breeder Support

Adult Hedgehog adoptions do not offer all the same benefits due to their age or origin, however still come with

Care and Info Sheet with your hedgehog's details,

Small bag of starter food, snuggle sack,

A signed adoption contract, lifelong support.

For local Pickups we have our full cage setups available for $150. Our full cage setup includes all of your new hedgehog's necessities and must be paid in full to guarantee availability due to limited supplies.


Ready Now 

Color: Oak Brown Faint Badger 

DOB: 9/2/22

Gender: Female


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Waiting List

We will have babies available to reserve as we reach mid-December. To be in line for sneak peeks of our newest babies, consider our waiting list.

Last Updated 11/28/2022