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Waiting List

The waiting list is open for our clients who would like to pick their baby before the general public.

As babies reach 3 weeks of age we will photograph and price them, we reach out to our Waiting list in order to choose your baby. We will contact you via the email and phone number on your application. We allow up to 48 hours to respond so that we can move through our list as quickly as possible.

To be added you must complete our Questionnaire and place your deposit that counts towards your balance. If you decide to pass for any reason, we will hold your place and honor your deposit until you are ready. In order to remain on our waiting list, we simply require an open line of communication.

Please read our policies before submitting an application. We might have more or fewer spots available, but good things definitely come to those who wait!​​​​

Spring 2023

​Awaiting the arrival of our newest additions. Stay tuned for updates!

Updated 3/15/2023

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