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Adopting a Rat: What's Included?
Whether you're adopting a baby or an adult, we want to ensure that you have everything you need. Our adoption package comes with a variety of guarantees and benefits, including a care and info sheet, a health guarantee, a six-month congenital defect guarantee, and a lifetime support guarantee to give you peace of mind.

Optional Supplies:

We offer hand crafted items to help your new pet settle into their new home, help you with the bonding process, and continue offering all the comforts we offer them. These items are used by us daily and we have adapted our designs to meet the needs of our pet homes.

For handcrafted small pet items, Click here!

*Transport / Pickup Options:**

Nationwide Transport is available at a cost of $250.

Private Transport, up to 150 miles, costs $0.85 per mile, one way.

****New Monthly route from Karnes City, Texas through Central Oklahoma at $175 per stop (if your town is between these two points, your stop can be added without all the wait and worry!)******

Local Pickup is free within the city limits of Karnes City, Texas


We are accepting waiting list applications for our babies that will be ready to leave mid April.

Instant Photo Poster

We encourage and will discount Multiple Rat Adoptions for same gender pairs. A pair for $30 and a trio for $50. If you already have a pet rat, we encourage bringing them when you come to meet your new baby. Rats are very social, housing one alone is not advised. 

Availability Updated: 2/20/2024

Available Fancy Rats: Available babies
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