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Payment Information 

To reserve a baby, there is a $75-dollar non-refundable deposit required with a completed application. This deposit will be credited towards the price of your hedgehog.

Transport payments are due when you reserve your hedgehog!

This is to avoid any delays in us booking transport for your hedgehog. We will notify you about options available. We will only use USDA certified Ground transporters that we trust.  

All balances need to be paid in full before we book your hedgehog's transport.  

Full cage setup payments are due when you reserve your hedgehog to guarantee availability. Available to local pickup and direct transport only (less than 150 miles away)  

Full cage setups do not come with a heat setup. We are happy to discuss heating options with you and we can provide links to purchase heat setups from outside sources at around $50 upon request. 

Food and Supply orders must be paid in full to reserve your items. We post snuggle sacks, tunnels, liners, scarves and other handmade small animal supplies on our eBay and Etsy store and cannot reserve them or begin a custom order without payment. We do offer free shipping within the US Orders over $35  

The remaining payments on your hedgehog are due at pick up for in-person pick-ups.  

We require an adult over the age of 18 to sign our adoption contract at the time of pickup.  

We have a contract we both will personally sign in person at pickup or electronically if we are sending your baby with a transport company. You can preview our contract for local pickups and private transport here

We cannot accept checks or money orders. You can, however, pay any remaining balances electronically or pay cash in person. 

We accept our payments via 

Cash App:$coastalquillstx

And Venmo:


Waiting List  

Every month we open spots on our waiting list. An application on file and a deposit holding your spot are required to be posted on our waiting list. Once these requirements are met, we will contact you to let you know who's available once babies reach 3 weeks of age and are priced and sexed. We will contact you via email or text in order of their place on the waiting list. Most babies posted have been overlooked by our waiting list, making them available to the general public. The waiting list is the best way to get the baby that you are looking for! 

Please note, while payments are accepted from our families on the waiting list, they are not expected. If you have decided to go with our waiting list option in order to make payments and offset the expense, you will be in charge of your payment schedule planning. If you are within 7 days of your selected baby's anticipated ready date and cannot pay off your balance at pickup, please let us know as soon as possible. We can forward your payments to a future baby.  

If you are on our waiting list and decide to wait another month to select a baby hedgehog, let us know by simply replying “Skip”. If we do not hear back after 2 attempts to contact, you will need to reach out to us to be added back on. We want our families to be 100% happy with the hedgehog they picked. If you have any special requests let us know so that we can match you with the perfect baby, this is the point of our waiting list after all.  

Pricing Information 

Our hedgehogs start at $250, and the price can be raised for rare markings or colors. Generally, males, albinos, and hedgehogs over 1 year old will always be priced lower. 

Adults over a year old $250 - $300 

Albino (Solid White with Red Eyes) $250 - $300 

Pinto (Spotted Quills) $300 - $475

Standard or Brown Classic Mask / Badger Striped (Classic mask or has 2 striped forehead) $325 - $400 

High Snowflake / Platinum (skin has a base color but Quills are predominately White) $400 - $550 

Quad Badger (Face has 4 stripes resembling white “eyebrows”) $375 - $475 

Full Mask (Face has color up to forehead extending into the quills) $425- $575 

Occasionally, we may have reduced fees for hedgehogs. 


***** Ground Transport Shipping within the United States is available!!***** 

We are located in Karnes City, Texas. If you cannot pick up your baby within city limits, we offer transport. 

(We will not air transport any babies) 

PLEASE NOTE: It is known that transport can be stressful for animals. We have no control over what happens during transport. We prefer our adopters to pick up their new pets from us in person. However, if you still wish to choose this transport option, it is at the buyer's own risk. We only use transport we trust. Please notify us if you have any issues with transport. 

Nationwide Transport is $250 for flat rate (long distance) 

Private transport (less than 150 miles)  is .85 cents a mile starting at $25 

We use a select few USDA certified and insured companies to deliver our hedgehogs. We will privately book transport for you and in most cases, it will be door drop off. Please note that transport pickup may be up to 45 days after your baby's ready date for pickup arrangements, however it is usually much faster (15 to 30 days). We consider a scheduled pickup less than 45 days from your baby's projected ready date as a reasonable time frame and will not charge boarding for your hedgehog if you are ready for your baby to come home. We will not offer any refund for transport arrangements due to delays from available routes and will find you the safest and quickest route to get your baby home. We will let you know what company we hired as well as their information so you can get live updates. We will be in contact with you and the transport company as your baby is in their care and we'll continue to provide support and answer any questions after your hedgehog arrives. We will include our ventilated carrier that your baby will arrive in. They're great for any road trips in the future. 

Transport payments and all balances are due when you reserve your hedgehog if you need transport! This is to avoid any delays in us booking transport for your hedgehog. We will notify you about options available. We will only use USDA certified Ground transporters that we trust.  

We do not sell hedgehogs to people currently living in areas where hedgehogs are illegal, and we cannot transport hedgehogs to those areas of the United States. In ALL cases Buyer/Owner assumes all responsibility for the State or City Laws regarding whether this pet is legal in your area for purchasing and possession. We will deny all applications sent from residents in illegal areas for hedgehogs. 

All balances need to be paid in full before your hedgehog leaves on transport.  

A few of our Trusted Transporters are: 

KD’s Critter Transport  

Scott Transport 

WR Critter Transport 


All baby hedgehogs are weaned and ready to go around 6-8 weeks old. All hedgehogs will come with a small bag of starter food. No baby under 6 weeks of age, or 6 to 7 weeks old weighing less than 175 grams will leave our care.  

Pick-up day and time will be arranged once your deposit is placed, after we have reviewed your questionnaire. Our available dates are a rough estimate and not guaranteed for babies. 

You will need to provide your own carrier for car travel. I can bring you a small carrier at pickup, they are $10. Please let us know within 24 hours if you will need one.  

We ask that babies be picked up within 7 days of the ready date. If you cannot pick up your hedgehog within 7 days. Please let us know as soon as you are aware of the change.

If we need to transport your baby, we can privately with 24 hours' notice within 150 miles of our Karnes City area). This service starts at $25 and is .85 cents a mile 

We offer a 7 day grace period to pick up your reserved hedgehog. If you need more time we can arrange optional boarding at $5 per day. By the 7th day proceeding the anticipated ready date, all remaining balances must be paid in full including the boarding cost for your reserved baby. If balances are not paid and we have not heard from you we will forward your deposit to the waiting list and drop the existing hold.


Anticipated Ready Dates 

Baby hedgehogs must show consistent weight gain while weaning and no signs of illness. If anything changes you will be notified and either offered the option to select a different baby who's ready or given an updated ready date if you wish to wait until we are more confident about your baby's growth and health. 

Health Guarantee and Warranty 

Your hedgehog is guaranteed to be in good health, free of disease, and parasites at the time of purchase to the best of our knowledge. In the event your baby is discovered to have an illness, we will do everything in our power to remedy the issue as outlined in our signed adoption contract. 

Because baby hedgehogs go through many changes during their early life, we cannot guarantee color and temperament.  

We will occasionally have surrendered or retired hedgehogs up for adoption. Older Hedgehogs and surrendered hedgehogs do not come with health guarantees. 

We have a Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome lifetime warranty for all babies born at Coastal Quills. Our WHS warranty is a guarantee that we will replace your hedgehog if your hedgehog does develop this disease. We understand we could never replace a family member, but we will try to ease your loss with a new baby to love (free of charge and when you are ready) Please note Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome cannot be confirmed (only suspected) while the hedgehog is alive it requires a confirmed animal autopsy by a licensed professional. Photos of the deceased hedgehog are requested, along with full colors and markings in the necropsy report. 

If your hedgehog dies of any other genetic problem within 6 months of purchase, we will replace your hedgehog at equal value (with a necropsy performed to provide proof of no neglect). Photos of the deceased hedgehog are requested, along with full colors and markings in the necropsy report. 

This guarantee does NOT apply to accidental death or injury; any treatable or communicable diseases; illness or injury due to improper care or diet; or anything caused by negligence or abuse. This guarantee also does not apply to any faults or defects that were disclosed at the time of purchase. Coastal Quills is not responsible for any veterinary costs. 

After picking up your hedgehog, you have a 7-day period to take your hedgehog to a veterinarian. If the vet confirms an illness or parasites during the 7-day time period, we will cover the cost of the medication used to treat as outlined in our contracts. If the vet confirms that your hedgehog is ill and the illness is clearly from Coastal Quills, we will pay the cost of medication to treat the illness.  

* If your hedgehog starts to wobble or loses the use of a leg that does not mean it is WHS. WHS does NOT happen overnight or "suddenly". It progresses over many months. Consult a licensed veterinarian immediately if you notice anything concerning. Signs of wobbliness are usually signs of your hedgehog getting a cold or a possible ear infection. Sudden loss of movement of limbs can be from a stroke. Brain tumors can also cause symptoms similar to WHS. 

Preview Contracts:

Hedgehog Adoption Contract

Transport contract (Applies to any hedgehogs leaving on Public transport)

Older Hedgehog Adoptions/ Owner Surrender (Applies to any hedgehog over 1 year old or with unknown lineage)

Surrender / Rehoming

Please don't hesitate to return a hedgehog to us if you cannot provide care for it during any stage of its life. You are required to reach out prior to re-homing any hedgehog adopted from Coastal Quills in order for us to transfer our lifetime WHS guarantee and lifelong support to the new owner. You will be asked to send proof of a recent vet record (14 days or less) as proof the hedgehog you are rehoming is in good health. We do not want any hedgehogs rehomed due to the fact the original owner cannot afford medical treatment. We are comfortable taking on these unexpected medical expenses with any surrenders.  

If you decide to surrender a hedgehog to us, we do not do "buybacks", due to the expenses associated with housing, treating, and re-homing any hedgehog surrendered. Please know we will take any hedgehog in no questions asked and will travel to go get a hog in need. If you’re far, we will refer you to a local hedgehog rescue that we know will help you! 

Original Content and Social Media

From time to time we may privately share baby pictures or original content without watermarks to verify ownership of photos. We ask that these photos are not shared online unless we approve the content (this excludes sharing privately with family and friends via email or text at your discretion). Oftentimes we will take pictures in our home so please respect the privacy and safety of our family members. If you have any awesome photos that we took and sent you we can edit to approve for sharing. We work hard to get perfect pictures and this is to prevent original content from being stolen by scammers! Additionally, we ask that no one attempt to edit our original content to remove our watermarks.

Our owners are encouraged to post their own photos on any and all social media and blogs and welcome to tag us on any photos they took and want us to share. Due to a recent increase of hedgehog owner's photos being stolen on Facebook by scammers, we recommend protecting others by adding watermarks an example of this would be photo taken by.... or @instagramusername which usually deters fake pages from trying to use the content to lure unsuspecting victims into believing they can sell them the hedgehog in the photo.

Return Policy 

NO refunds will be given, NO exceptions. 

We will not replace a hedgehog at any time if something happens to it due to negligence, injury, or improper diet.

If you have any questions about your hedgehog contact us and we will answer. 

We will ALWAYS take back one of our babies no matter what, at no cost to surrender.  

We reserve the right to refuse sale to any individual or entity.  


Our policies are subject to change at any time without notice.  

Our Policies have been updated as of 10/5/23 to include links to our contracts for preview and updated information on content sharing.

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